Neighbourhood Watch

Doorstep SCAMS and Telephone SCAMS.
If anyone who you don’t know comes a-knocking on your door and either tries to sell you something or says that there is an issue with your roof, or drains (for example), that needs some work doing, do NOTHING, say no, and close the door.  If work really is required at your home, get recommendations from friends, relations or neighbours and also get two or three Quotations.
Likewise when anyone rings you up and tries to sell you something, or worse still if they say they are from your Bank and you need to transfer some money for one reason or another; or an Internet provider, Pension scheme seller, or telling you that you have won some money, or in other words, anything to do with getting you to part with some money DON’T DO IT and don’t tell anyone your bank account numbers….It’s A SCAM!!!!
I hope the this PDF attachment will help to remind you of the seriousness of these crimes.