Warkton Parish Council

Welcome to the  Warkton Parish Council website. This is set up to comply with changes in the law (The Transparency Code) that state all Parish Council information should be publicly available

The council is made up of five volunteer Councillors and one paid Parish Clerk

Clerk:  Ruby Cole   warktonclerk@gmail.com     Tel:  07881 458801 / 01604 781834

Paul Wharin                             pdwharin@doctors.net.uk

Jane Pettit (Chair)                 janeuturnbiker@gmail.com

Michelle Cullinane                michelle.cullinane@tiscali.co.uk         

Victoria Lamb                        c/o cclamb.warkton@gmail.com

Russell Goodall (Vice Chair)   russellgoodallltd@outlook.com

Useful village information can be found here

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